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God In Our Midst (You Are Hereby Invited--November 2003)

Who would you be most uncomfortable sitting with at that event?


Date: 11/14/2003 9:31:46 AM
Name or Pseudonym: curious
Subject: unsuitable

if a person really thinks about it, then we are ALL unproperly attired. That is why Jesus came. If God, moves someone to go to church ( by whatever way is seen fit), then who are WE to reject them? If I invited someone to my home, and then found out during a conversation that they were Hindu, I wouldnt kick them out of my home. That would be silly....,it would be a horrible representation of Christianity, and of the love Christ has for all. If someone thinks that being cruel to a person in the name of God is going to make them want to change, then they are mistaken . In fact, it will just alienate that person even more. I have seen this happen to people more than once. I think the best thing we can do is to try to live by example. To show Gods love through our isnt our job to judge. That belongs to our Creator.

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