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God In Our Midst (You Are Hereby Invited--November 2003)

Who would you be most uncomfortable sitting with at that event?


Date: 11/10/2003 9:05:35 PM
Name or Pseudonym: regmanabq
Subject: why

I’m just curious because this topic brought up something in my mind.

Why would we be uncomfortable? Shouldn’t we love everyone? shouldn’t we accept everyone and try and make them feel welcomed?

Any time catholics start talking about "the unaccpetable" I’m a little nervous, especially when "unacceptable" refers to the clothing one wears. Would Jesus really not let you hear his words because of the clothing you wore? Is Christ only for the rich and well dressed?

Just curious to hear what others have to say. I still believe if Jesus himself walked into most church services, he would be escorted out or arrested for tresspassing.

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