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God In Our Midst (You Are Hereby Invited--November 2003)

Who would you be most uncomfortable sitting with at that event?


Date: 10/29/2003 10:01:09 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Oscar
Subject: Unsuitable companions

I read the article by Alice Camille, and I’m left to wonder if she "gets it."

The parable she’s writing about has a point, and it goes like this:
The poeple who are originally invited are the Jews, the chosen people of Old Testament times - yet they choose not to attend. So the Master invites others (sinners, gentiles, poor, sick, eveyone). This is reflective of the New Covenant - all are invited to join the Church.
The rest of the parable deals with those who show up but are not properly attired (those who presume to get into Heaven without Sanctifying Grace). The Master throws out the beggar who didn’t dress appropriately. So although everyone is invited, not all are found acceptable. And THOSE are the people I would be uncomfortable sitting with: those who presume they are properly attired; those who believe that Heaven is easy to attain.

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