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God In Our Midst (Is It O.K. to Be Rich?--October 2003)

Is it O.K. to be rich?


Date: 11/14/2003 1:53:46 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Oscar
Subject: True Charity

Hi Sqwid,

It all comes down to priorities. The Church exists for numerous reasons, but fundamentally She was instituted by Christ to serve God. All subsequent purposes are secondary to that fundamental role.
For example, when the Church baptises She does so first to provide souls for God, and second to assist in the salvation of the individual Christian.
Christ forgave sins for the same reasons - True Charity places God above all else, and urges us to love others for God’s sake and then for the sake of our neighbor. That is why Christ commands us to love God first, and then our neighbor.
While the tenderness of Christ is evident from the Gospels, so too is His justice.
Yes, Jesus urged those He cured to sin no more - wouldn’t that wise mandate also include the homosexual person? A sin is a sin no matter who commits it. That is to say that a sinful act can’t become morally good just because someone is born with a particular inclination to commit that specific sin. Heterosexuals are required by the moral law to abstain from sex until married, and a marriage can only exist among a heterosexual couple. While I feel sorry for persons afflicted with homosexual inclinations, I also know that they are just as capable of listening to the entire Gospel and the teachings of the Church that Christ established, not just those passages and ideologies that suit their whimsy.
The Catholic Church started with 12 Bishops (The Apostles) and they saw no need to involve the laity in their preistly functions - so I can’t exactly buy into the "overworked" theory.
Compassion and love must be applied according to God’s orderly design and will, not our subjective response to the crosses He asks us to bear.

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