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God In Our Midst (Is It O.K. to Be Rich?--October 2003)

Is it O.K. to be rich?


Date: 11/10/2003 5:24:02 PM
Name or Pseudonym: sqwid
Subject: Serving man

Just a gut reaction, but I think the Church is indeed here to serve us. Jesus modeled serving others by healing lepers, raising the dead, returning sight to the blind and so on. He forgave sins and encouraged people to
sin no more. The Gospels portray Him as one who had great feelings for the pain of others. I don’t think the Church always does this. When the hierarchy starts showing the compassion of Jesus, the folks in the pew will do the same. When we give up our very selves to do for others, we will be Christ-like. But alas we are only human and have to keep trying.

We are going thourgh trying times within the Church. My pastor just told me to keep hanging in there. Trying times and conflicts are nothing new in the Church.

As for the homosexual bishop--isn’t this an area of great concern? I tend to feel that if science can prove that a person is wired that way, then God created homosexuality, not us. I’m waiting for a definitive answer--much the same way people waited for Galileo to convince the Church about his scientific findings. I will probably be dead and gone by the time this is resolved. I often wonder--IF people are born homosexual--why God would deny them the love of another human being. I prefer to hold my judgement.

The lay people are taking over because there aren’t enough priests and some of the ones we have are overworked, overwhelmed, aging and tired. I could cry when I see how hard my pastor works. The Church belongs to all us anyway by virtue of our Baptism.

Oscar, this is just my two cents. I’ve been in a professional Catholic setting all my adult life. I’m tempted myself to flee some days because I do not see the love and compassion we should have for each other. We could start with my retirment package which is pitiful and unjust--------but that’s another story!


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