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God In Our Midst (Is It O.K. to Be Rich?--October 2003)

Is it O.K. to be rich?


Date: 10/2/2003 11:35:55 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Oscar
Subject: Scrutinized

Hi Brigid!
I’ve been doing some research. It turns out that the greatest critics of the "Eye of the needle" explanation I gave are for the most part Catholic priests. Specifically, the authors of The New Jerome Biblical Commentary. I’ve been digging and digging for information on these priests and have discovered that they were not exactly what we would call conservative. One had actually contributed material to St. Anthony Messenger Press on a fairly regular basis until his unfortunate passing. The second has receieved his training from some of the most liberal Catholic institutions in the United States and seems to have spent much of his time trying to reconcile Protestantism to Catholicism. (A real reconciliation would require entrance into the Catholic Church, not the amalgamation of all different Christian religions!) And the third seemed far more concerned about "social justice" than true Charity.

These three priests are no more scholarly or better trained than St. Jerome. (I find it interesting that they use his name in their joint work, as if to give it some sort of authenticity, yet they are 1600 years distant from him and have contributed to modern biblical translations that differ significantly from St. Jerome’s masterpiece, the Vulgate). The bottom line with these three appears to be (to me anyway): If you are a liberal catholic you accept their work. If not, than you reject it.

We can always take comfort in knowing that there are also experts who refute the liberal interpretations of these three priests. Please do not miscontrue my words to be an attack on them personally - I merely disagree with some of their theological perspectives. These days one has to scrutinize everything.

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