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God In Our Midst (Is It O.K. to Be Rich?--October 2003)

Is it O.K. to be rich?


Date: 10/1/2003 4:31:03 PM
Name or Pseudonym: brigid
Subject: outrageous

Hello Fr.O,
In the dicussions I have had with Oscar, it didn’t seem to me that he felt he was being overly scrutinized. If so, Oscar, I hope I haven’t ever come across offensive. I have just looked at the dicussions as a way to get another persons perspective on things. Anyhoo, I don’t know if I think poverty would ever be considered a blessing. I for one am grateful to have food to eat and a warm house on a cold night, and couldnt imagine being grateful for going hungry or being homeless. But, there are people who choose poverty as a way to get closer to God. I have to say that I hold great respect for those who have and will choose giving up worldly things to strengthen their relationship our Creator.

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