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God In Our Midst (Being a Pestófor Good--September 2003)

What virtues do you need to stand up for an unpopular issue?


Date: 9/4/2003 12:25:57 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Esau
Subject: Virtues

Charity is the supreme virtue, as the Apostles tell us. Charity, or what is now mistakenly translated as "love" in modern times, gives a more sublime quality and strength to all the other virtues.

If we have Faith to move mountains but have not Charity we are but sounding as brass. Solomon had Wisdom, but he engaged in every form of vice before finally coming to his senses. Judas had faith - he was one of the Apostles afterall, yet he lacked Charity; as did Peter when he denied Christ three times.

Charity is a supernatural virtue whereby we love God above all things, and we love our neighbor primarily for God’s sake. Charity is the key to all other virtues and graces: It was Charity that gave the Christian Martyr courage; Charity that guided Abraham’s hand; Charity that drove our greatest Saints to strive for perfection even in the face of the sternest ridicule; Charity that converted the sinner; and Charity for great men and women to lay down their lives for heretics, pagans, and non-believers. Conversely, lack of Charity has led men and women and entire nations into desolation and destruction. Sodom and Ghemmorha, Rome, Jerusalem, Moab, Babel, Jericho, etc. And look at the sorry state of the world; awash in cheap sex, perversions of every kind, mass murders, coveting on every level, scandal, abuse, and sacrilege - a Church that has lost her soul by pandering to the worldly-minded. The Church has not the courage to stand up to the world any longer because she lost her Faith when she turned her back on God on His altars.
Charity helps us persevere and gives us Hope despite the current state of affairs. And so we keep praying, and we keep writing, and we keep standing up to those who find the proven and unwavering Sacred Traditions of the Church unpopular.

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