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God In Our Midst (Being a Pestófor Good--September 2003)

What virtues do you need to stand up for an unpopular issue?


Date: 8/29/2003 6:34:56 AM
Name or Pseudonym: jimiahah
Subject: Virtues

Well, let us first define what that ’unpopular issue’ is. If we talk on virtues, there are only three virtues I know, that is Hope, Faith and Love. With the hope given to us, we journey our faith with love. What we believe, we should trust, if we don’t trust, we don’t love and our action manifest our faith, so faith is personal, our whole being. Faith is always with the Word. Most of the time it fights with our ego. Love is the fullness. It is also understanding, looking what God is. Looking to our innermost self, our conscience. On ’unpopular issue’, we should also look on their faith, we should understand how it is all about. Then, redirect what should be redirected.

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