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God In Our Midst (Generosity in Forgiveness--July 2003)

Why is it sometimes difficult to be generous in forgiving others?


Date: 6/30/2003 9:44:26 PM
Name or Pseudonym: sqwid
Subject: Brigid

You are soooo right about Prayer Warrior being the one who will recieve God’s blessings. Her heart will change as she goes through the process. Unlike your mother, I no longer feel married to my ex-husband, but I still consider him a family member. The Church annulment process was critical in helping me heal. I was able to see his weaknesses in a more forgiving way. I recommend the process to anyone trying to heal after a divorce. I fought getting an annulment kicking and screaming. A priest friend convinced me to do it. Best advice I ever got! It blessed my singleness and gave me courage to go on.....and made me see my ex in a kinder light.

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