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God In Our Midst (Generosity in Forgiveness--July 2003)

Why is it sometimes difficult to be generous in forgiving others?


Date: 6/27/2003 5:03:02 PM
Name or Pseudonym: brigid
Subject: to prayer warrior

prayer warrior,
i feel your pain, my mom went through the same ordeal. she still feels some resentment toward my dad and she has prayed, sought out religious counseling as well as secular counsling. God understands our emotions better than we do,because they were given to us by Him. The Bible even says that God has gotten angry, and I am not comparing us to Him (so please don’t take it that way), I just feel that God knows your heart and your pain. Please dont feel like a failure because you feel emotional when you see your ex-husband ( i hate using that term). When you married you were spiritually bound together, a piece of paper saying you are divorced isnt going to change that. My mom still feels married to my dad and they have been divorced for years now. She had spent over half of her life with him, and she still gets emotional. She knows that her world is better without him ( he could be abusive at times)but she tells me that she misses the man he once was (before things got bad) I guess I am trying to say is please dont get discouraged, you will have good and bad days. But I also know that you will find peace...and that YOU will be the one to recieve Gods blessings.
blessed be,

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