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God In Our Midst (Fairness vs. Generosity--June 2003)

When have you been the recipient of someone’s abundant generosity?


Date: 7/13/2003 7:19:27 AM
Name or Pseudonym: sqwid
Subject: To Maria

Let me clarify--I work for the church. They wanted me to continue my education. I said I couldn’t do it without financial help. And so they paid PART of my tuition. I don’t think this would have happened if I were a regular parishoner. However, our parish community has a fund for people in real trouble....who need food or housing or blankets or beds, etc. I also beleive I got assistance because I know how to rattle cages. I also got assistance for my annulment simply because I said, "I work for the church and I cannot afford to pay". They named a fee that was well within my reach. For this too I am grateful because of the healing forces behind an annulment. I think in all this I just knew how to ask and who to ask.

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