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God In Our Midst (The Good Businessman--May 2003)

What keeps you from being a Good Samaritan in your daily life?


Date: 6/24/2003 1:30:53 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Maria
Subject: paveleck

While preserving your position is the most important goal that you should have, assisting others is also an admirable goal but not at the expense of the loss of your livelihood. If I were in your situation I would explain to my supervisors that I can assist others while completing my own work even if it took extra time for me to complete my work and do it on my own time, staying late, lunch, no breaks, etc. Capture the mood of management if you feel they may lay you off now is the time to speak up and let them know that you can also complete your obligations. Do not wait until that final meeting when they tell you they no longer need your services.

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