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God In Our Midst (The Good Businessman--May 2003)

What keeps you from being a Good Samaritan in your daily life?


Date: 5/1/2003 12:11:46 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Maria
Subject: prayer warrior

When you read my post of 04/30 you will read that I echo your thoughts. Time constraint, just being tired from putting in your daily obligations and the danger that goes with helping strangers. I do get involved and have just been lucky that no one has taken at "pot shot" at me. God must surely weigh all circumstances before judging the human race for their "good samaritan". He definitely never wants us to put ourselves in harm’s way, our life is also precious and needed to care for others that we are obligated to care for. Of course, there are those who may disagree; personally my impulse causes me to get involved danger or not but I doubt if it is really wise. Just being a good samaritan to those we encounter on a daily basis is a virtue like you do. Most people will not part with their money but you do. I think your actions are admirable and sufficient. It makes me think I can do much more.

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