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God In Our Midst (The Good Businessman--May 2003)

What keeps you from being a Good Samaritan in your daily life?


Date: 4/30/2003 2:35:13 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Maria
Subject: good samaritan

What really keeps me from realizing my full potential as a good samaritan is sheer tiredness. I am not ashamed before God to admit I do my share of "good samaritan" but there are other activities I like to engage in for the human race but find my days so full of work and also being so tired. I tend to enjoy getting involved. When I see something wrong I generally will speak up, eg. an abusive situtation. Although, I am told it is better to keep quiet because you never know when someone may pull a gun and just shoot you. I realize this world is not very safe and being a good samaritan involves risks especially when dealing with strangers.

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