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Media Watch (The Pianist--May 2003)

What values did you find in the film "The Pianist"?


Date: 5/31/2003 12:25:42 PM
Name or Pseudonym: sqwid
Subject: the film

I had an opportunity fo view this film last night. It was most difficult to sit and watch this knowing most of it was true. I got quite queasy several times. The fact that several people tried to help the main character survive was the story’s redeeming quality. However, it was heavy on evil......the darkest evil.....treating other humans in the cruelest of ways.....I found that hard to take. The scenes were so graphic. Since I was a young girl I was never able to digest man’s inhumanity to man. In the movie, the evil seemed to outweigh the few instances of good. It seems that way today. Somebody tell me I’m wrong.

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