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God In Our Midst (The Heart of the Sower--April 2003)

How do you sow God's word in the fields around you--at home, work or school?


Date: 4/7/2003 1:30:42 PM
Name or Pseudonym: susan
Subject: How do you sow God’s word in the fields around you --at home , work or school

I find the best way to be ready to share in word or action is a consciousness that perhaps for this moment or day I might be the only "Jesus" that shows up..example my brother-in-law is facing end stage cancer and his spiritual well being is in question as he has never participated in any belief as far as I know..when I first visited after in hospital I prayed in the car park ..dear God help me to be the Jesus that shows up today..normally I am a very emotional person..but I truly felt God’s calming and also I asked my brother-in-law if I could pray with him and he said yes and I cannot describe the sweetness of that few was if I was providing in the flesh what he needed from God at that very strengthened me as well...I have a friend who is a police officer and he uses the same thought ..and he has shared how it has helped him and also is very humbling as we consider what a privilege it can be to actually serve our Lord and Saviour in tangible ways

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