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God In Our Midst (The Heart of the Sower--April 2003)

How do you sow God's word in the fields around you--at home, work or school?


Date: 4/3/2003 3:05:00 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Maria
Subject: good works

I tend to always try to do something for others even if it takes my own personal time. I try to forget the "hurts" or "bad things" about others and still treat them right. There are times inside I feel like saying bad things to them after they have been mean but I try to forget it. I also try to give good advice to the students and have finally have enough courage to tell them when they are doing something wrong. Teenagers are not too respectful and think nothing of cursing their adults. Well, in the school I work in, anyway. It is refreshing to meet a respectful teenager. The young teen who posted on one of our other forums today is an example of an upright young lady. I am far from being a perfect human being but I feel if I can make the world around me better I am accomplishing something. I try to speak to the students about going to church (which is really wrong to do in a public school) and about abstinence from sex. In our public schools we are not even allowed to mention the name of Jesus but you can mention Satan. I am also not timid about speaking of going to church and my Catholic religion.

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