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God In Our Midst (Finding Our Way Home--March 2003)

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Date: 4/21/2003 8:25:39 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Joyce
Subject: Is there a need for prayer?

Please help me out.I’m getting very doubtful of prayer.I ask myself if praying and asking God for anything is neccessary when at the end of the day the answer is His alone. I’m 23 and have always taken prayer seriously.15months ago,a few months to my graduation, i had this very serious automobile accident which has kept me out of school since then.I’ve only not had to face the fact that i can’t go back to the same university but also that i’m not strong enough to work as yet and with all the debts my family has accumulated during my illness they can’t afford my fees anymore and i’m not entitled to any credits now.I’ve prayed for my situation like i never have before.I can’t even take comfort in friends who’ve all graduated and are working.I’m told i have to be patient,that God knows best.He’ll answer at the right time.So tell me why should i ask for anything if i always ask and don’t recieve.He knows what is best for me and He’ll provide at the right time so is my praying not just a waste of time?He hears my pleas but these don’t change(or do they) whatever plans He has for me so why should i bother?Tell me,is it neccessary that i pray anymore?Shouldn’t i just fold my arms and wait for him to act at the right time?

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