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God In Our Midst (Finding Our Way Home--March 2003)

Talk about a time when you or someone in your family was lost.


Date: 4/5/2003 2:31:26 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Leigh
Subject: hi

Hi there,
Hang in there, hun! I will pray for you and study for you. I was just reading Nehemiah last night and what he went through trying to rebuild his city, first taking the big risk of asking for help from his king (who he was the servant of), and then not letting his spirits be shaken when all his work was threatened to be torn down again by enemies, and even his own people turning against him! But he prayed night and day and his enemies didn’t even try anything and the townspeople were filled with strength to complete the task.
In psalms, David is always speaking of his "oppressors", and prays for God to let the righteous be lifted our of the hand of those oppressors, whoever they might be...a relative, an old friend or slave-driving king, lmao!
I know this isn’t much help, I’m still a beginner student...I will get back to you with something more direct...
Big hugs and I will say a prayer for you right now, dear.
Take care! Peace,

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