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God In Our Midst (Finding Our Way Home--March 2003)

Talk about a time when you or someone in your family was lost.


Date: 4/1/2003 5:29:31 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Linda
Subject: God in our midst

I drifted away from the church for about
20 years. I suffer from very bad depression,
I think I was born that way. A bad marriage
at a young age, destructive choices nearly
ruined my life. I was hospitalized 4 times
in 1 year for depression, I was really
drifting further & further away from reality.
The medications that I took were turning me
into a basket case. My husband knew how much
I longed to go home, but I had been married
before. He said he wanted to convert and we
started to attend Mass and become involved.
I received an annulment from the church and
my husband was baptized. We are cathecists
now and stay involved with the church. Also,
our pastor is such a loving person he made
it easier for me to keep going back. I was
no longer ashamed, I felt at peace. I still
suffer from depression, but my faith has
done much more than any medication could.

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