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God In Our Midst (Finding Our Way Home--March 2003)

Talk about a time when you or someone in your family was lost.


Date: 3/18/2003 8:37:36 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Carmen
Subject: Lost hope

Dear Therese, I’m sad to hear of your trouble, however what you have is really a jewel that you will give to your future husband and have been giving to God. It is a sacrifice to stay pure when everybody else seems to be having sex before marriage! You need to know that you are not alone, have you ever heard of "true love waits" Its an organisation of christians from around the world who believe, live and encourage teenagers and single young adults to wait till you get married to have sex. Here are some web sites:
God created sex to be a beautiful and unique way of expressing your love and giving yourself completely to your future spouse in marriage ONLY. In the bible in 1 Corinthians chapter 6, verses 12-20, it tells us that our bodies are not made for sexual immorality, our bodies belong to God and are temples of the Holy Spirit. Read these verses and pray and ask God to help you to stay pure and holy, go to confession having done any impure acts, even though you did’nt go all the way. God is a merciful God, loving and compassionate and ready to forgive. And pray for knew friends with christian Values and principles. You are very precious in God’s eyes and there are 100’s of 1000’s of people like you,in the same situation which is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!
God Bless You love Carmen.

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