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God In Our Midst (Finding Our Way Home--March 2003)

Talk about a time when you or someone in your family was lost.


Date: 3/17/2003 8:48:12 AM
Name or Pseudonym: hooray!
Subject: hooray!

I applaud you all the way!!!! Remember that Jesus was mocked.

It’s not a Catholic thing -- it’s a Christian thing ... I’ve heard protestants talk about it too -- it’s clear as day in the Ten Commandments that extramarital sex is a sin. Hang in there and avoid sin! Look to gain the Kingdom of Heaven! Perhaps it is an opportunity to bring your friend into the faith--go to RCIA together. Explain your beliefs and convictions. God is the center of your life and those who wish to have you for a wife must too have God as the center of his life. Nothing can separate God’s love from you, but you have to be careful to not let anything or anyone separate your love from God. We need more people like you!

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