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Date: 3/15/2003 12:03:09 AM
Name or Pseudonym: therese
Subject: Re:Why be a catholic?

Am sure all catholics can feel with your frustration on priest scandals. Yet we must not allow other people’s misdeeds affect our relathionship with God.Even among the ones Jesus Himself chose,there was a thief and a betrayer,so lets endure togheter the pain of the one twelfth (if they are up to that fraction)
Concerning church building, I want to ask: has there been anytime in your life when you were down and you walked into a church and suddenly had an all consoling sense of peace come upon you?Churches are sanctuaries and they act as a haven for us at various times-it is where Our Lord dwells in the sanctuary. I’ve not been to visit the blessed sacrament in weeks because the town has very few churches and none near me-how glad I would be if one community would decide to build another one not too far from me. The Church helps the poor,but she cannot stop all the suffering in the world (even God has not done that). But at least she can ensure that some of her children have greater accsess to the One that can help them.
Please remain a catholic and help buid the church,perhaps one day i will be able to visit the Lord thanks to the effort of people like you.
(Do you know that in my home parish, we have to stand under the blazing sun for mass because we don’t have aid to buid a church? And that’s after walking miles there?)

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