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God In Our Midst (Finding Our Way Home--March 2003)

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Date: 2/26/2003 12:43:38 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Rick
Subject: Marriage

I’m a dad and married to a wonderful woman for 32 years. We have been blessed with three lovely children and our hope was to see them married with families of their own. When our oldest daughter married last summer in our small church our hearts sang with joy. They had made a commitment to each other before God for the rest of their lives. My second daughter has also announced she will marry this April and there is lies my feelings.
She is marrying a divorced man and has chosen not be married in the church. They are both fine people and are nurses in a local hospital. How should I react? This is tearing me apart. They’ve excluded us from all preparations and we have had no involvement other than showing up at a resort in Mexico for their "marriage". What should this father do?
I’m in a lot of pain - can anyone help me?

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