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God In Our Midst (Finding Our Way Home--March 2003)

Talk about a time when you or someone in your family was lost.

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Welcome to a new forum hosted by America... 2/25/2003
Marriage Rick 2/26/2003
Re: Marriage Rick 2/28/2003
RE: Marriage Jesse 3/2/2003
best wishes best wishes 3/4/2003
Marriage Content 3/4/2003
Marriage/remarriage K 3/5/2003
rick re-marriage carolyn 3/5/2003
To Rick SS 3/21/2003
Husband having affair Gloria 2/26/2003
Re: Husband having affair Gloria 2/28/2003
RE:Husband having affair Jesse 3/2/2003
Response to Gloria: Husband having affai... joseph 3/5/2003
husband having an affair prayer warrior 3/5/2003
reply to gloria re husband having affair carolyn 3/5/2003
To Gloria SS 3/21/2003
The Sheep Sean 2/28/2003
Iam unable to forgive myself for a Abort... Maria 3/4/2003
abortion 20 years ago. chris 3/17/2003
Maria-unable to forgive myself (abortion... Carmen 3/18/2003
maria Liz 4/11/2003
Why be Catholic? DLL 3/5/2003
Re:Why be a catholic? therese 3/15/2003
why be catholic julie 3/16/2003
Why be Catholic Anne 3/28/2003
Why Be Catholic? Doug 4/17/2003
The Good Shepherd Jesus Leads Me. Michele 3/6/2003
my son has gone astray cathy 3/14/2003
cathy prayer warrior 4/16/2003
Lost hope-Help! therese 3/14/2003
hooray! hooray! 3/17/2003
Lost hope Carmen 3/18/2003
Lost hope-help! GM 4/7/2003
Wayward Catholic dageis 3/15/2003
Wayward Catholic Doug 4/17/2003
Wayward Catholic Dave 4/26/2003
Helpless & Hopeless Bad Choices 3/26/2003
Helpless & Hopeless Linda 4/1/2003
hi Leigh 4/5/2003
oh yeah.... Leigh 4/5/2003
God in our midst Linda 4/1/2003
Amen to that! Leigh 4/5/2003
Linda prayer warrior 4/16/2003
*sigh* Leigh 4/5/2003
Is there a need for prayer? Joyce 4/21/2003
joyce prayer warrior 4/23/2003
absolutely, yes newbie 4/23/2003
Annulment Erin 4/28/2003
Erin prayer warrior 4/29/2003

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