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God In Our Midst (The Tiny Seed of Faith--February 2003)

What keeps you from trusting in Godís transforming love?


Date: 3/24/2003 5:29:28 PM
Name or Pseudonym: newbie
Subject: it’s a lifetime commitment

You enter into a serious covenant in baptism.

There is not a fixed timetable for accepting the faith. Faith is a gift and its growth requires effort on your part as well. If you cannot jump in with both feet and a resounding "Amen!", then I suggest you postpone your baptism.

I was recently baptized. I had enough belief in the Catholic church and her teachings and her people to actually BELIEVE Christ’s command to be baptized. I’d been attending church for over 5 years before I stepped into RCIA. I went through RCIA to learn what it is that I would be signing up to--what is it that I would be committing myself to for the remainder of my life. I had exceptionally good RCIA instruction. I started just for curiosity, with no intentions of being baptized. By the end of the course, I was ready. If you are unsure, I suggest you try RCIA at another parish (teachers are not all equal).

The question is "Are you ready to leave all, and follow me [Jesus]?" I assure you that I struggled with that for a while.

I find that commonly, the people who leave the Catholic church are not well informed of her teachings. This is not necessarily their fault, the faith has at times been poorly transmitted. Please, learn about the faith.

If you don’t feel that you can embrace the faith with your whole being for the rest of your life, then you probably have questions and concerns. Good! Talk it over with your Director of Religious Education (DRE) or priest or any religious.

I also enjoy the stories of the saints. Read some and see if that helps. Those who are more of the intellectual type like to read the writings of the fathers of the Church. Try that if you like.

And the journey continues...

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