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God In Our Midst (The Tiny Seed of Faith--February 2003)

What keeps you from trusting in God’s transforming love?


Date: 3/18/2003 5:58:25 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Margaret
Subject: Not really alone!

Alone, your message I discovered while browsing tonight. I will share with you my thoughts and faith. Your story not unlike my own! Now it is some 23 years on since I was 26, but I remember well asking the same questions. Over that time I have learned many things, the greatest has been – how much God loves! You said you wanted to get close to God and stay close – do you know that you are always close, because God never abandons us – we may not feel His presence, but he never abandons us. Another important lesson for me has been that the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. In Jesus we have been gifted with new life, He has carried our burdens, He has suffered, died and risen! Go to Him when you cannot forgive yourself. He does not condemn you, learn not to condemn yourself!
Our Catholic faith is a wonderful gift, I have learned that it nurtures us and brings us to the fullness of our humanity. Jesus, Son of God, was human also. The challenges that we meet on our faith journey, shape us and enable us to grow as human beings.
Remember that God loves you - always, God is close to you – always, and that God loves you in your humanity – always.
Peace to you.

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