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God In Our Midst (The Tiny Seed of Faith--February 2003)

What keeps you from trusting in Godís transforming love?


Date: 2/27/2003 11:50:26 PM
Name or Pseudonym: angel
Subject: Relationship

To Sam and RCIA
We can have a religion but it is a about relationship with Jesus and like any relationship we need to spend time with the one we love. It is like the differance between an aquaintance and a friend.
We often get it backwards though and try to love Him, just let Him love you. He first loved us and wants to give us himself so we can love others.
Out of our relationship comes our worship of the one who died for us. Praise Him.
We have to continally invite Him in each an every day to our hearts. Asking him to come with his searchlight and heal our brokeness for which in our humaness we all are, surrendering. Into your hands I commit my spirit, Oh Lord.
I came from the protestant faith and did the RCIA class but it actually all changed when I was able on that most beautiful night of my life able to receive My Jesus in the Sacrament. Just as my friend said it would.
It is so wonderful to know and have the whole truth. The full counsel of God.
The Living Presence of Our Lord, Body,Blood, Soul and Divinity.

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