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God In Our Midst (The Tiny Seed of Faith--February 2003)

What keeps you from trusting in Godís transforming love?


Date: 2/24/2003 1:38:55 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Lilo
Subject: Opening up

God’s love and faith cannot be explained logically. You have to experience them in order to start understanding. Try to see God in all the good things that you have, that most of the people take for granted and also start praying a lot, so that your faith will grow and will allow you to experiment God in a way that is not explainable through reason. Today I went to mass and the message to make your faith grow through prayer was simple: "God I believe, but make my belief stronger". Through prayer your faith will grow and will allow you to experiment God’s love better. God gives to those who ask. Also it is important to understand that we are very little compared to God, and that we have to open our hearts...he respects our liberty and in the choices we make, we can let him enter or not. =)

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