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God In Our Midst (The Tiny Seed of Faith--February 2003)

What keeps you from trusting in Godís transforming love?


Date: 2/22/2003 4:41:54 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Anne
Subject: RE: Opening Up

Sam, I am a Catholic who is attending RCIA with my husband and because I have not practiced my religion in 20 years. Your belief in God and the fact that you are inspired by God’s existence shows that you not only have faith, but you love Him. Why be transformed? Why "open up’? Are these just buzz words?
I do not know what "God’s transforming love" is, but I do know that God loves us as we are. Listen to your words, not others. Accept yourself as you are, because God does. Pray and know that because you believe and are inspired by God, He loves you.

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