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God In Our Midst (Fixing Our Eyes on God--August 2002)

•What ways have you found effective in bringing a peaceful solution to volatile situations?

•How do you quiet yourself in times of great disturbance?


Date: 8/27/2002 7:05:38 AM
Name or Pseudonym: P of C & C
Subject: Proverbial Crossroads

Fellow Christians fellow Catholics,

As we have in the past and will contnue to in the future we have once again come to a major croosroad that requires prayer, sound judgement, and a willingness to change! If we recognize this need for change and act in the long term best interest of all Christians, we the mother church of Christanity will be stronger and more sought after.
The answers don’t just lie on giving the priests the option to get married or allowing womanto be ordained . There are many other questions that need addressing and with the current turmoil especially in the US Catholic Church
this is the ideal time to enter into the third trimester since our saviors birth with an emphasis not necessarily on change but on refinement.
I sense that we have entered a very critical point of our core belief "forgive and forget" and the challenges are slowly becoming very clear. This clarity now needs to be followed up with action,action that will free our leaders from archaic rules that simply do not apply during this part of our eternal existance.
The vows and promises that restrict free thought and true Christian growth must be removed and replaced by methods that society not only needs but truly is crying out for.
Lets truly evaluate man’s often distorted rules and guidelines and re-establish simplistic livable guidelines with a value system that is in concert with the natural environment and instincts that God gave us!

I pray we respond to challenges with the interests of all in mind!

P of C & C

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