Conversation Corner
God In Our Midst (Fixing Our Eyes on God--August 2002)

•What ways have you found effective in bringing a peaceful solution to volatile situations?

•How do you quiet yourself in times of great disturbance?


Date: 8/21/2002 9:22:17 PM
Name or Pseudonym: sqwid
Subject: I’ll be first!

One of the ways I work on finding peace within myself is to try to have as much quiet time as possible. Minimum of TV, radio, outside noises, etc. I can think better that way and I don’t feel as much turbulence if I reduce some of that extra noise.

I stopped using a walkman when I walk. Now I just listen to the neighborhood noises. Calmer, more soothing.

Another thing I try to do is find the good in everyone. Especially those who annoy me. Using my sense of humor goes a long, long way in diffusing tense situations (something my oldest son taught me!).


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