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God In Our Midst (Doubling Our Love--January 2003)

When did the gift of love most touch your life in the past year?


Date: 2/16/2003 12:11:31 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Gloria
Subject: God in our Lives

Being simple is kind of nice. Then, when you get some kind of an insight, revelation, or thought, you know you had nothing to do with it at all! So, in prayer I find God in my life. As as a Dominican Third Order member since l958, I remember our Rule, which stated "To Contemplate, and to give to others the fruit of our contemplation." I don’t remember who said it, and at the time, I did not know what contemplation was. I learned centering prayer, and that was my first encounter with contemplation.

Now, in all of this, I learned to be "alone," even in a crowded room. I remembered a zealous Priest friend of ours, who, when He would come over to family dinner, he would retreat into another room to say his office, despite our six children and room full of company and music and all. Nothing took Him from God.

The paths that lead us to contemplation, and make us yearn for the Divine, are the ones that help us find God in our lives. Then, we are able to see Him in Hussein, Osama, Arafat, and every other human being. Sometimes, it takes love to bring that God-life out of people. We all have it. Someone needs to invite us. And thank God, He invited me. Pray that I can stay with Him always.

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