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Media Watch (Christmas Films--December 2003)

What values did you find in each film?


Date: 12/8/2003 11:49:40 AM
Name or Pseudonym: don’t need this kind of
Subject: National Lampoon’s A Christmas Story

It is a curious thing that two days after I told my 10 yr. old daughter and the family she was visiting that she was not allowed to watch this movie that I then read in your monthly newsletter your suggestion to watch it!!
I am wondering if Frank Frost really is a Catholic as I was informed that this particular film has many cuss words including the famous ’F’ word in it.
The family who offered to show the movie was gracious enough to inform us ahead of time so we could decide against it. They know we are cautious Christians.
What on earth is your little magazine selling? I am now highly supicious of you and your writers.
The other two movies you’ve high lighted are truly family movies without the cultural dirt a growing child doesn’t need.
Did you really see this movie? Are you naive? Why suggest this as a family movie for Christians? Shame on you.

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