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Media Watch (Seabiscuit--October 2003)

What values did you find in the film "Seabiscuit"?


Date: 11/13/2003 9:53:01 PM
Name or Pseudonym: MM
Subject: Seabiscuit

I feel this movie strongly suggested that many times in lfe we must come to realize we must be dependent on ourself--we must act , we must produce, we can’t sit and wait for others to do it for us or take care of us, we must show our own fortitude , courage and independence . Building character in life is recognizing our failures and working on them, that is, try not to repeat them, learn from them. I think the dignity and character building we develop is how we react when things go wrong or when we disagree with a given situation. Do we quit ? Do we walk away from it ? Do we look to others for the answer always? Do we look for excuses , distort the truth ? Is it never our fault but always someone else’s? Do we constantly feel victimized ? Or do we persevere through it, admit our faults and take control of our own life and earn the dignity we desire and the respect of others.This movie addressed all these issues quite well I thought.

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