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Media Watch (Finding Nemo--September 2003)

What values did you find in the film "Finding Nemo"?


Date: 10/3/2003 10:28:31 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Light
Subject: Listen my friend Oscar

Dear Oscar I respect your thoughts and admire your zeal for God, but honestly, why would you call environmentalism or care for animals, paganism? Don’t you know that animals have feelings too? animals are a wonderful creation of God to reflect and manifest His Glory and Greatness. They are our brothers and sisters on this earth and we must respect them and love them and learn from them, for the Lord himself often referred to animals in the scriptures, and our most holy brother Francis praised God for his family called creation.

We should consider our thoughts and examin our hearts properly before we make such statements and judgements my friend for we must not speak of God’s creation like this.

I wish Peace to you and to all.


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