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Media Watch (Finding Nemo--September 2003)

What values did you find in the film "Finding Nemo"?


Date: 9/27/2003 5:50:19 PM
Name or Pseudonym: sqwid
Subject: My black dog

No matter how you shake it Oscar, I still envision my black lab running through those glorious fields in heaven.....where he will meet me once again.....along with my Lord and my beloved family. No church document or tradition can make me see it otherwise.

When my little students ask me about their dead pets--if they are in heaven--I always say yes, they are running in God’s fields. I don’t want my children to imagine a nothingness to the afterlife. This heals their little hearts to imgaine that their beloved pets are safe with the Lord.

Hey, I’m just putting in my two cents...

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