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Media Watch (Spider-Man--August 2002)

Critique Frank Frost's film review on Spider-Man.


Date: 8/23/2002 12:34:04 PM
Name or Pseudonym: momlomano
Subject: Values in Spider-Man

I was not raised Catholic; we were "barely" Christian. I always believed in God and Christ, but we didnít go to church often.

Having converted as a family (my husband, myself, our two young boys) 4 years ago, I see the world differently; I see media and movies, comics and books, magazines and news items in a different way.

I see the cartoons on television (and their movie counterparts) in a new light, although I still have a bit of "secularness" to my life.

Like most people, Iíve always seen the good versus evil themes in childrenís stories. There are always lessons to be learned. As a parent, I must make a concious effort to promote and repeat those "good lessons" that my children are exposed to in the movies we choose to take them to see. To relate them to Godís word and Christís life when I can.

Spider-Man (the movie and the man) has many good qualities. I never thought the movie would be a tear-jerker, but I was handing out tissues left and right to my boys after Peterís uncle died, and at Peterís graduation, when he misses his uncleís physical presence. There is a lot of human emotion expressed in the movie. Spider-Man is ultimately a "good guy", but he goes through many personal hardships and mental trials as the physical fights.

"With great power comes great responsibility" is a wonderful theme -- so very true for every human being on this earth to remember!

When it comes to the violence in the movie (and the newer cartoon shows featuring Spider-Man), I struggle. I personally do not like such violence in childrenís shows. The Spider-Man I watched as a child (the 1960ís episode reruns) wasnít quite so graphic.

The movie lends itself to some introspection and lots of family discussion about right and wrong, innate human goodness, inner struggles and external struggles (and overcoming them -- With God, All Things Are Possible). I believe parents can use the movie to re-inforce Catholic values, should they choose to allow their children to view Spider-Man.

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