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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/7/2003 8:21:15 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Shoshana
Subject: I’m confused....please explain

Hi fv,

First, of all you mention that it was a good thing that you went after Hitler or more Jews would’ve died. Wellllll....what took you so long as a nation to come to the rescue of Britain and other allies trying to fight Hitler? Please, do not make it sound like you were there for the whole battle. If you were, maybe, Hitler may not have gone as far as he did. Maybe, by your serving earlier in the battle, more Jews, and many more Catholics would be alive and well today and passing on their genes today! This is a very sore point with me, my friend. Please do not take pride in ’having gone after Hitler’. Your involvement, as a nation, would’ve been much more aprreciated at the beginning and not at the end,.

Second of all, why would people leave the Catholic faith? Because of the Pope’s statement? I hope that is not what you meant. Their faith in Jesus Christ built on the rock that He Himself instituted, as Peter being the very first Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, cannot be held on that one statement. This is very difficult for me to believe. If it is, my friend, than their heart lay somewhere else. I hope and pray that not only my own faith stengthens but everyone’s in these days. Our faith will be undermined by much more insidious circumstances and statements than a Pope’s opinion, my friend. But Jesus promised the gates of hell will not prevail against our Holy Mother Church.

Keep the faith and let us all pray for each other and all those who will die today all over the world. Let us entrust our loved ones to Mary, our Mother and the Mother of Jesus.


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