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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/7/2003 3:09:32 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Chris
Subject: God and Christainity.

Well that’s quite easy to do. First let me post this:

April 7 U.S. experts are investigating three independent reports that American troops have found Iraqi chemical weapons, including some 20 rockets armed with warheads containing deadly sarin and mustard gas that were apparently ready to fire.

So, all those who said Bush was lying can now be big boys and girls and apologize - libel is a sin afterall.

A true Christian doesn’t pick and choose from his Bible what he wants to accept - a true Christain accepts it all. We know that Christ is God; A member of the Holy Trinity who has always been and always will be. So, when God told the Israelites to eradicate pagans and idoliters, when God the Father commanded the Israelites to go to war, He certainly had the support of God the Son. As St. John tells us, "In the beginning was the Word.....and the Word became flesh." God is also incapable of committing evil. If war is evil in and of itself, as many seem to think, than you would have to accuse God of committing evil actions.

Christ’s words tell us to love our neighbor - and that we do by praying for him, whether or not he is friend or foe. We do that by helping him come to know God, most especially by our charitable example. The fact of the matter is that Saddam has killed more of his own innocent civilians than we ever will; and he has done so intentionally. How could a true Christian want to leave a man in power who is guilty of such crimes? Is there proof? There most certainly is. They also just found an Iraqi morgue with hundreds of human remains that are not from this war - the remains are way too old for that. You think war itself is evil, yet the testimony of men and women more saintly than you or me says that there are wars that must be fought out of justice. The Iraqi people are not our enemy - evil dictators and terrorists are, and they certainly know nothing of the peace of Christ. I can assure you that the dead ones now know full well of His justice.

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