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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/7/2003 1:01:14 PM
Name or Pseudonym: TomH
Subject: re: CP

Just thought I’d clarify things for you a bit. You wrote:

"The President of US is surely a legitimate authority over the American people. He can take action to protect his people IF America is under attack."

The US was attacked C.P. Granted, some are attempting to argue that the attacks of 9/11 were performed by Al Qaeda terrorists with no connection to Iraq, but, even as I type this, word continues to pour in from Iraq about the Salman Pak terrorist training facility south of Baghdad. Just last night, the hard charging USMC attacked the facility and they have killed and captured a number of non-iraqi muslim terrorists who were at the site, being trained in terrorist operations.

I have commented numerous times on these boards about Salman Pak, yet the naysayers have repeatedly ignored the information. You see C.P., Salman Pak is a facility where terrorists are trained to hijack airplanes with nothing more than sharp instruments. Until September 11th, 2001, no such hijacking (that is, where the hijackers used nothing more than sharp instruments)had ever occurred. In fact, none have occurred since. We know that several of the 9/11 hijackers were trained at Salman Pak, a facility supported by Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein sponsored the attacks against our nation on 9/11. So, yes, the US is perfectly justified in going after Hussein and removing him from power. I’m afraid the point you are trying, and failing to make, is the point that is moot.

You also wrote:
"But unless the Iraqi people clearly request an alliance (e.g. in a revolution), US has no right to send army there."

Your premise is still flawed, as military actio is indeed justified, but let’s address the desire of the Iraqi people. You see, Kurdish and Shi’ite muslims did revolt in 1991, because they were counting on US assistance. They were slaughtered. So, they remember that, and these people have been very cautious about showing their support for coalition troops, because they know that any such support that the Iraqi regime recognizes leads to a death sentence. However, in areas where there is no doubt that coalition troops have gained control, Iraqi citizens ARE coming out to thank the coalition troops. it’s happening in Basra, Baghdad, Nasariyah and all other cities under coalition control. We have known from the very beginning that the Iraqi people were hoping for liberation, and now that it is upon them, they are excited. Once again, it is your point that is moot.

In addition to that, we are now finding chemical weapons in Iraq, something that Saddam Hussein agreed to destroy under the terms of his surrender at the end of Operation Desert Storm. He has failed for 12 years to abide by the terms of that surrender, which, alone is justifcation for his removal from power.

The war is indeed a just war.

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