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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/4/2003 1:42:21 PM
Name or Pseudonym: DA
Subject: Shoshana

Yes, I believe every Christian has a responsibility (or God-given mission as you would call it) to resist evil . . . yes even fight against it, wherever it exists. Otherwise, you have no right to call yourself Christian.

"The USí motives for sending OTHER peopleís fathers, sons, uncles, brothers, is despicable." This statement is incomprehensible! We have the Armed Forces, Shoshana, and sometimes they must be sent to help people who need our help. But, your statements make a mockery of their service. God has given our president the authority to act on behalf of the common good of our nation. But all you do is criticize the man. You see only ulterior motives on his part. I don’t share your view as I believe it to be very misguided and not only anti-American, but un-Christian as well.

The Iraqi people have tried unsuccessfully to rise up against the evil regime of Saddam Hussein but were met with indescribable torture and suffering. Do you want them to keep suffering under this despot??

Your anti-Americanism speaks volumes!!!

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