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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/4/2003 1:25:58 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Shoshana
Subject: Bruce

Hi Bruce..

How was your honeymoon? You enjoyed is a beautiful country isn’t?

Yes, I also remember the Palestinians in Israel. It just shows you the hatred they have for the Jews. My point in typing this post was to show the rippling effect this war can have. This war in Iraq will only spur the Moslems in all Arab countries against Western society. Osama ben Laden, Saddam Hussein and Arafat really hated each other before all of this. But this war will unite them (Moslems) and if anybody took a minute to stand in their shoes, why would they not hate anything Jewish or Western? The hate-relationship between Jews-Arabs goes back to Jacob’s sons. This is not news, There have been some peaceful moments in the past 3,000+. I was in Israel twice and especially the last time I was there (2000), there were many Jewish soldiers with REAL guns strapped over their shoulders. This was quite disconcerting when you live in Canada. I also saw little children verbally attack our Jewish guide just for the sake of being Jewish with no attention given to him from our guide. He was just a kid. You could tell this little boy cursing him in a horrible tone (he was about 9, I guess). The situation also existed on the other side of the fence when little Jewish boys were molesting an Arab’s camel. I know these are not major situations but it is continual 24-7. Hate exudes everywhere in the holiest City. I EXPERIENCED much holiness there. And in my opnion this is why the Jews consider Jerusalem the center of the world (of course). Because, in reality, it is. The spiritual world, of course. It is not a narcissistic thing at all...only the truth.

Do I believe this war can become betcha! And you are could be the beginning of a great chastisement. This is not meant to scare anybody. It is only meant to see that we will need Jesus that much more. We need to know the faith more, because we are experiencing wars, and illnesses (now we have SARS) not to mention all the other plagues, as it were. This is why we need to know Fatima’s words....the real words of Mary to the children. The Vatican is changing the words of Mary so they may fill their agendas. If the Vatican can do this, boy, I believe that Bush and his cronies can also. I do not condone Saddam, by far. But we massacre babies in utero for any reason we like and yet we become scandalized at Saddam’s actions. I see this as so hypocritical. We torture our fetuses just as bad as Stalin, Hitler, and Saddam and even worse becaus they can’t even cry or TRY to protect themselves. They experience pain as well as we do. We have lost more babies to abortion than all the world wars. Is it our fault? I think so...big time. Sr Bridget once said, that if we had Perpetual Adoration in every city, abortion would not exist. I used to march in front of our hospital and say the rosary with a bunch of women. We have not done enough. The Christian population between our two countries is great...then why did the governement succeed? Go figure....

Yes, I believe we are entering into a great chastisement. And on a spiritual level, maybe this war is God’s will. But not because of the reasons given on this board but because it just might be God’s wrath for our infedelity to His Word. His Justice is real.What can I say? I do not know that for sure...but I feel it deep down within my soul. We will all pay...whether it be American or Canadian or any other. Our hands are all dirty and if that is the case, than the governments’ hands are just reeking of blood (like Pilate’s). Bush did the easiest thing to do instead of just putting on the pressure. Maybe we can see more clearly outside of the US. Maybe that is true. But this war will just open a can of worms that could just be in God’s will.

I have been in spiritual direction for about 20 years (prior to that I belonged to a very traditional convent). I try to go confession also as often as i can. Although, I am being called scrupulous at times, I need to love Jesus more. There is so much room for growth. Reading the books of the Saints certainly helps me to focus on Jesus, let alone prayer and meditation. I am not negative, Bruce, but try to see things as real as possible.

Thank you for your support even if we do not agree...but maybe we do in a different way. Thank you for listening to me as you know now where I am coming from. God bless.


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