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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/4/2003 12:08:19 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Chris
Subject: Mounting evidence

"SARGAT, Iraq, April 4 tests reveal evidence of the deadly toxins ricin and botulinum at a laboratory in a remote mountain region of northern Iraq allegedly used as a terrorist training camp by Islamic militants with ties to the al-Qaida terrorist network. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is conducting its own tests at the same area, but has not yet released the results, according to officials in northern Iraq."

Well well well! What do we have here? verifiable proof of WMD in Iraq. To be fair, the CIA and other intelligence services are working on proving the link between this camp, run by Ansar al-Islam, (which counts among its some 700 followers scores of al-Qaida fighters) and Saddam’s regime, but at this point can anyone seriously believe that the link doesn’t exist?

I think our intelligence probably has overwhelming evidence - why else would Germany make such a sudden "about face" in regards to regime change?

BERLIN, Germany (CNN) -- German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, a persistent opponent of war in Iraq, indicated Thursday he hopes that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s regime is toppled by the Iraqi people.

In a keynote speech to the German parliament, Schroeder said he hoped "that by overcoming dictatorship that the Iraqi people will have hope to live in peace and freedom and direct their own affairs as soon as possible."

Hmmm.... Isn’t this exactly why the US decided this was necessary in the first place? Maybr the change of heart has also come about as a result of Saddam’s treatment of his own civilians (murdering people for waving at US soldiers etc.) I will make a prediction: After all is said and done, France, Russia and the other countries will join the bandwagon. Notice that these countries are already trying to get their hands in the cookie jar when it comes to reconstruction. It makes you wonder if any of them were ever interested in anything but money. Prior to the war France, Germany, and Russia all had a major economic interest vested in the status quo of Saddam’s Iraq. Now that it is readily apparent to even the most hard-headed of them that Saddam is going to lose and the US and Britain are going to prevail, they are quickly trying to regain any sort of respect.

To the victor goes the spoils of war! And since the victor is the Iraqi people, the United States, and Great Britain, I hope selfish countries like France, germany, and Russia are left high and dry for their greed and cowardice.

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