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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/3/2003 1:30:35 AM
Name or Pseudonym: Paul
Subject: What does Jesus say?

I entirely agree that Saddam is an evil person and that President Bush is trying to do the right thing.However,I must say it is not up to us to judge the Holy Father or anyone for that matter.Just because the Pope is against the war does not make him anti-American.He is pastor of the universal church and has the whole world in mind.His concern is for the people who will be killed in war by a Christian army.Does that look good to the Muslim world.Of course all murder is wrong.Abortion and in war(since we cannot say for sure this war is just 100%).The Arab world including Jordan,an American ally is saying that the Iraqis should choose to get rid of Saddam themselves.If the Islamic world is alright with the people of Iraq suffering and I’m not sure if it is OK in Islam,why do we have to stir up anti-Christian feelings all over the Muslim world which by the way is everywhere,even in the US and UK where Muslims are.Do we want to make this a religious war just to ’liberate the Iraqis’or is there some other motive at hand.We know by now that a jihad and suicide bombers is not something we look forward to,and these are done also by people who may disagree with Osama and Saddam but even more with present US policy.Therefore,I think the Vatican looks at the broader picture and seeks to ensure stability for all especially those Christians living in predominantly Muslim countries such as Indonesia and in the arab world.Of course,the Pope has condemned violence of all kinds.That includes by Saddam’s regime and he has told Iraq to abide by the UN resolution so please do not judge the Vicar of Christ lest we judge Christ himself.

Peace in Christ.

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