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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/2/2003 8:09:53 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Joseph
Subject: I Support The War Against Misinformation


Please show me the "plenty of proof" that Iraq is connected to 9-11. Links to a few bonafide news reports would do, but I’m sure you won’t find any.

As I understand it, our President has decided to go to war to eliminate a future threat that has not yet materialized. If Iraq had even a tiny hand in 9-11, I would have expected (and demanded!) that our government would have launched a massive retaliatory attack on Iraq as soon as it knew, and not try to push this war through an unwilling UN, using other less important justifications (WMD, Iraqi freedom)!

You have no right to define who REAL Catholics are. Shame on you, you have just answered "Is the Pope Catholic?" with a NO!

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