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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/2/2003 7:17:00 PM
Name or Pseudonym: Shoshana
Subject: DA


Yes, I do agree with you on many things. But I cannot agree with you about this war. Yes, God can make lines straight, especially those that we as humans draw so crooked. I do not lose faith in God....But actually, the war can be his chastisement on us (because it is only beginning) for not following His way. We shoot those who shoot others and yet, thinking we are doing a good thing, yet we, as a nation, massacre babies in the womb. The number of abortions is far greater than those lost in war. Babies that do not have guns to protect themselves. Most of the civilians that do die do not have guns to protect themselves (try pregnant woman, babies, children, etc.).

I am very positive about God and I hope these babies do get baptized (as Catholics of course). But, in the same token there are many more that are not! A lot of these people (arabs and soldiers) will go to hell, my friend. Jacintha saw that with her own eyes in the WW1 and the coming war WW2. This is what disturbs me, my friend. Yes, it would be nice if they encounter Jesus in this mess, and praise God there may be come. But because WE decided to go to war, there will be many more going to hell. Ponder on that one. I do not know if Jesus would think so positive seeing this also...especially after shedding His blood so that we would not. It hasn’t worked yet. There will be great repercussions from this war and God bless us all. We should have followed Bishop Sheen’s advice. Period.

Yes, I do trust in is the motivations of this war I do not trust. Yes, God is in control by also allows free will just like He did in WW2. I believe there is pain and agony of God during this terrible time. Positivism is certainly not a part of this picture. It is just a human new age thing. Positivism will not end the war, repair the evil, do reparation for the many sins during this conflict, etc, etc.

But, yes I agree that if one soul could be baptized, this would a miracle.

Let us pray for the miracle that this war does not cause a much bigger one in the end.


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