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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/2/2003 10:18:10 AM
Name or Pseudonym: AmericanCatholicRegrets
Subject: Vatican Corrupted

Sadam is the bad guy, George Bush is the good guy.

Sadam took his sons at age 13 and 15 to a prison where they practiced their marksmanship by killing prisoners so they would get used to killing. George Bush took his daughters to school and church.

Sadam considers dinner entertainment taking one of his own people who have voiced opposition and has his tongue pulled out with a pair of pliers and he is then tied in public to die so that his beloved people can learn obedience. George bush invites reporters to ask difficult questions and puts them with the troops so they can see the truth.

Sadams son on a weekly basis goes into the streets and kidnaps a woman who they take to one of his palaces. There she is beaten until she bleeds because this ‘friend of the Vatican’ can only have sex with a woman that is bleeding. She is raped and when Sadams son is finshied with her then his troops get a turn. Hundreds and hundreds of the women are never seen again. George bush thinks this is not nice and should be stopped.

Our beloved and well intentioned Pope has been misled by someone or something. He must at the very least spend equal time condemning the acts of Sadams regime to remain a ligitamte voice.

No one loves war. But these atrocities can not be allowed. The Vatican risks loss of honesty and credibility in its current attempt to prop up the Sadam regime. He must choose his friends more carefully. Until he does I must withhold may support for a church that has trued anti American.

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