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Does the military action the U.S. is contemplating against Iraq meet the standards of a just war?


Date: 4/1/2003 9:35:27 AM
Name or Pseudonym: DA
Subject: A Catholic Choice Against Evil

Perhaps your view would be very different if you were living in Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s torturous regime. Have you not read about or seen the images of Iraqis trying to escape and being shot by Fedayeen Saddam and other military groups of his who have no regard for innocent life? He’s used chemical weapons against his own people and now we are in search of "Chemical Ali" over there before he authorizes the use of WMD.

With all due respect to the Holy Father and in good conscience, I must question why we Catholics are being instructed that going to war to relieve the suffering of the Iraqi people and remove Saddam Hussein is somehow "unjust."

The Pope, although the Vicar of Christ on Earth, does not share equality with GOD! Some of those on this board speak as though he is God. Undeniably, he deserves great respect, but he is still a man and subject to making misjudgments just as we all are, especially when he is surrounded by advisors/Cardinals whose agenda may be suspect. I respect John Paul II’s view about the war, but like him, I have an opinion, too; and if I am wrong, may God have mercy on me. I just happen to believe that the greatest evil in the world is when good men see evil in the world and choose to do nothing about it. And, if Saddam Hussein is not evil, then I must not know what the definition of evil is.

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